Soft boiled eggs and UX Design

I LOVE soft boiled eggs!

Simple dishes are the more difficult to prepare well[1], making a good soft boiled egg, soft but not liquid, needs some skill.

The most critical factor of success is, off course, the boiling time. The metropolitan legends say that every morning Prince of Wales Charle's chef prepares 7 eggs with different boiling times so that his majesty may choose the one he likes more.

I do not have a personal chef, yet, and in order to learn to boil my morning eggs the first thing I did was, of course, a Google search. There are, as usual, a lot of pages with this kind of information, but all the one I'v found start with the statement: “use eggs at room temperature”.

Well, first of all: what is room temperature? This parameter may vary a lot from place to place and from season to season.

The real reason for this advice is that cold eggs may broke when immersed in boiling water, but this problem can be overcome putting some salt in the water and immersing them with attention.

Normal people keeps eggs in a refrigerator!

To give a good UX in boiling eggs would be much better to take in account the real situation and do not ask people action that he will never remember like taking out eggs form refrigerator 12 hours before preparation.

Temperature in a refrigerator is much more constant than in the room, much better give the cooking time starting from that temperature.

In other words when trying to give to user's a nice user experience start from real situation, solve the real problem and make things as easy as possible!

The results of my experiments in the kitchen says that if you want a soft boiled egg like the one in the picture (the egg's yolk soft and the white harder) 6 minutes in boiling water with some salt to avoid breakage is good for eggs coming directly from the refrigerator.

My experiments in the UX Design groups says that, often, too often, pages are designed without taking in account the real situation in wich users will use them!

[1] “Cacio e pepe” (cheese and pepper) is one of the most simple and good dish in the traditional foods of Rome, very simple, but VERY difficult to prepare well!

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